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Bang & amp; Olufsen produces both expensive high-end speakers and expensive high-end televisions, and when the luxury hardware company combines these, it comes up with an expensive high-end TV speaker Beosound Stage.

According to B& O, Beosound Stage is the first bar speaker of B& O. Unlike previous speakers, Beosound Stage is specifically designed to watch movies and television. Beosound Stage is a flat rectangular design that can be mounted on a wall under the TV or on a shelf under the TV. Aluminum alloy, bronze and smoked oak frames are provided in appearance.

Beosound Stage is also very expensive, of course, and its audio hardware is very high-end. Beosound Stage has a three-channel sound system with 11 speakers, each with a 50-watt amplifier, including four four four-inch bass speakers. B&O claims that the bass effect is excellent and there is no need for a separate subwoofer. It also includes two 1.5-inch Alto speakers and a 3/4-inch spherical top tweeter. In order to achieve 3D audio effect, the installation of loudspeaker also has a certain angle.

Beosound Stage支持蓝牙和WiFi无线连接、Chromecast、AirPlay 2和多设备互连。还支持HDMI和ARC连接。与其他电视音响系统一样,Beosound Stage还提供电视、音乐、电影、夜间和非集中预设模式。您还可以使用b&o的tonetouch技术根据您的偏好在其他应用程序中选择场景模式。



Bang&Olufsen既生产昂贵的高端扬声器,也生产昂贵的高端电视,当这家豪华硬件公司将它们结合起来时,它就推出了昂贵的高端电视扬声器 Beosound Stage。

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根据B&O的说法,Beosound Stage是B&O的第一个酒吧扬声器。与以前的扬声器不同,Beosound Stage是专门为观看电影和电视而设计的。Beosound Stage是一种扁平的矩形设计,可以安装在电视下面的墙上或电视下面的架子上。外观采用铝合金、青铜、烟熏橡木框。


当然,beosound舞台也非常昂贵,而且它的音频硬件也非常高端。Beosound Stage有一个三声道音响系统,有11个扬声器,每个扬声器都有一个50瓦的放大器,包括4个4英寸低音扬声器。B&O声称低音效果非常好,不需要单独的低音炮。它还包括两个1.5英寸的中音扬声器和一个3/4英寸的球形高音扬声器。为了达到3D音效,扬声器的安装也有一定的角度。

Beosound Stage支持蓝牙和WiFi无线连接、Chromecast、AirPlay 2和多设备互连。还支持HDMI和ARC连接。与其他电视立体声一样,Beosound Stage也为电视、音乐、电影、夜间和非对焦提供默认模式。您还可以使用B&AMO的ToTeNouCH技术来根据您的偏好在其他应用程序中选择方案模式。